A deterministic algorithm for generating optimal three-stage layouts of homogenous strip pieces

Jun Ji, Fei-Fei Xing, Jun Du, Ning Shi, Yao-Dong Cui


Purpose: The time required by the algorithms for general layouts to solve the large-scale two-dimensional cutting problems may become unaffordable. So this paper presents an exact algorithm to solve above problems.

Design/methodology/approach: The algorithm uses the dynamic programming algorithm to generate the optimal homogenous strips, solves the knapsack problem to determine the optimal layout of the homogenous strip in the composite strip and the composite strip in the segment, and optimally selects the enumerated segments to compose the three-stage layout.

Findings: The algorithm not only meets the shearing and punching process need, but also achieves good results within reasonable time.

Originality/value: The algorithm is tested through 43 large-scale benchmark problems. The number of optimal solutions is 39 for this paper’s algorithm; the rate of the rest 4 problem’s solution value and the optimal solution is 99.9%, and the average consumed time is only 2.18 seconds. This paper’s pattern is used to simplify the cutting process. Compared with the classic three-stage, the two-segment and the T-shape algorithms, the solutions of the algorithm are better than that of the above three algorithms. Experimental results show that the algorithm to solve a large-scale piece packing quickly and efficiency.


Two-dimensional layout, homogenous strip, dynamic programming recursion

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/jiem.1127

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