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Author Guidelines

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management accepts reviewing scientific articles related to the journal's focus and scope. The contributions must be written in English, and they must be original (not published in another journals or any other media). Along the reviewing process, it is forbidden that the contribution follows a parallel reviewing process in another journal. In order to follow the formatting instructions, it is strongly recommended to use the journal's templates for contributors, so that the articles must be sent using the TEMPLATE AVAILABLE ON MICROSOFT WORD (doc)JIEM_WordAny deviation from those guidelines causes a substantial increase in workload for editor-in-chief, section editors and administrative staff during the editorial process. Therefore any paper with format defects will be automatically declined and the editorial process ends. The journal's editorial team will acknowledge the receipt of originals. There is no limit to the length of the contributions. In addition to respecting the template formatting, contribution must comply the following norms: 

- Title (and optionally, subtitle): The title must adequately describe the contribution's content.
Authors: Authors must NOT include the author's names or any other information about them in the paper. Authors should include the author's names, their institutional affiliation, their ORCID number and their e-mails in the intranet during the submission process. During the revision and editing process we can not accept the addition of more authors, so that, be sure to upload all authors of the paper during the submission process.
Abstract: The contribution must include an abstract of no more than 300 words in length and the following structure:
  • Purpose: (Required field)
  • Design/methodology/approach: (Required field)
  • Findings: (Required field)
  • Research limitations/implications: (optional field)
  • Practical implications: (optional field)
  • Social implications: (optional field)
  • Originality/value: (Required field)
  • Keywords (4-7, Required field): that adequately describe the contribution's contents, and the specialization areas that best fit the contents of the paper.
- Contribution's structure: The structure of the paper should be the usually accepted in social sciences. Being an empirical research, the paper should include introduction, literature review, sample and methods, discussion and conclusion sections. The references must be listed after the conclusions, and before the appendices, if any.
- Notes: Footnotes or endnotes will NOT be accepted.
- Citations: Whenever the authors make reference to another author's ideas or results, they must indicate its origin using the adequate citation. The citations must be written in text using the last edition of APA style.
- Acknowledgment (optional field): Authors can thank to people or institutions that have helped them.
- Declaration of conflicting interests (required field): In this section the authors will declare if there is some conflict interest.
- Funding (required field): Before the references section, authors should declare if some people or institutions have financed the research presented in the article.
- Tables and figures: Tables and figures must be correlatively numbered, following their order of appearance in the text. They must include captions that adequately describe the table's or figure's contents, and they should include the source of information used to build the table or figure.
- Bibliographical references: At the end of the main contents of the document (prior to appendices), authors should include the bibliographical references cited along the text. The references must be written in text using APA 5th edition style.
- Appendices: If needed, authors can add appendices to the document, that include complementary material useful to other researchers (e.g., questionnaires used in surveys or econometric models). Appendices will be placed after the bibliographical references section, and they must be labelled using capital letters (Appendix A, B, ...), and should have a title descriptive of its contents.
As soon as the paper fits the guidelines for authors, the peer review process will start, following the policies described in the peer review process section. The process ends when the article is accepted or rejected. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management takes no compromise about dates of publication, and disclaims any responsibility about the contents of the contributions sent to the journal. The journal reserves the right to make modifications to the article's contents, always noticing the authors and respecting their criteria.

Since 2021-01-01, the fee of the journal is EURO 495 per accepted article. This fee is applicable for all articles submitted after December 31st, 2020 and finally accepted per publication. The fee is not applicable in rejected papers. 
Papers submitted before 2021 the fee is EURO 295 per accepted article. 

To make the payment, once the article is accepted, OmniaScience will contact with the authors. Following author's request, the payment can be split between different authors or institutions that fund the research.



JIEM also accepts replies of its published papers. The reply review process will include the following steps:

Title of reply submission: “A reply to Authors (year) Main title of Article X: Subtitle”

1. REPLY TO AN ARTICLE. The reply document goes into revision. The authors of the original article must be its reviewers (there is no associated payment). If the first invited author refuses to review, you must indicate which co-author is going to carry it out. If you decide not to be the reviewers of the reply, you will lose the right to counter-reply.

2. COUNTER-REPLY. When you are invited to review, you will be informed that, if the article is finally accepted for publication in JIEM, you will have the choice to counter-reply (optional). The counter-reply should be published in the same issue as the reply. There will be no cost to you. Title of counter-reply: A reply to Autors of reply (year), First part of title: Subtitle2.

3. If you agree to write the counter-reply, you must inform JIEM’s editor-in-chief at the time of article review. It is not necessary that the counter-reply is completed in order to finish the review, you only need to inform us about your interest in carrying it out and the estimated delivery time (we recommend that it is less than two months in order not to delay the publication). The counter-reply shall be entitled: "A reply to Authors (year) Title of reply Article X".


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The submission has not been previously published (or an explanatory note has been included in the -Comments to the editor- section) neither has been sent to other journal for consideration nor is planned to send to other journal until a final decision will made by JIEM.
  2. The submitted file is sent in any of the following formats: Microsoft Word 97-2004 (doc), Microsoft Word 2007 (docx) or Open Office (odt).
  3. It has been used the template provided by Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management to send the submission.
  4. All URLs in the text (e.g. are active and clickeable.
  5. The text has been written following the instructions about style and formatting included in the Author Guidelines section in the About section of the webpage.
  6. I have read and accept author payment system of the journal.
  7. Authors have followed the instructions included in the Ensuring a blind peer review section.
  8. All authors and their metadata will be submitted during the submission process. I also declare, as responsible for the submission, that this paper has not more authors. The journal is not responsible for the authors omitted during the process of submission.

    AFTER THE SUBMISSION PROCESS, NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO ADD NEW AUTHORS. Please be careful and add all authors during the submission process. In case that more authors must be included in the authorship the extra cost will be 50 euros per added author.

  9. I have read and accept the obligations about the authors ensuring the ethical principles of scientific publication

Copyright Notice

Authors retain copyright of its works. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management publications are licensed under CC-BY-NC license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License), granting open access rights to society.
Specifically, CC-BY-NC license permits any kind of use, distribution, changes and building upon the article, as long as the original author and source are properly recognized and for NonCommercial purposes.


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this web-site will be used exclusively by OmniaScience and will not be made available for any other party.