Simulation of dynamics behaviors for shipping equipment support with system dynamics analysis approach

Yang Song, Jian-hua Yang


Purpose: The exactly and precisely supply of carrying spare parts has a crucial impact on support and could improve the performance of equipment. Spare parts support is the crux work which will be limited by spare parts allocation and support cost input. Reasonable support strategy can help in making good use of available resources and support the equipment in normal operational status. The purpose of this paper is to propose a dynamics model of spare parts support process based on considering the interaction of multiple factors, and explores the regulation of dynamics behavior in the system. In order to achieve the optimization strategy to improve the effect of support so that will enhance the relevant support parameters of equipment.

Design/methodology/approach: Meditate the feedback relationship among some important factors of support that involve support cost, support time and maintenance ability. System dynamics theory is adopted to propose a dynamics model of spare parts support process, on the analysis of multiple factors and casual relationship to find some major ones which have crucial impact on spare parts support. Spare parts support cost and availability was regarded as the control objective, moreover, adjust the control paramours and improve the effect of cannibalization and lateral supply scheduling strategy for spares support.

Findings: The factors of spare parts supply, demand and maintenance have relationship of control feedback, and adjust the value of some crucial factors can reduce the support cost and improve the availability value. The main finding is that adopting cannibalization strategy under condition of available materials can relieve the mission and operational availability decline caused by shortage of spare parts. Combining the lateral supply and cannibalization strategy can reduce the inventory of warship carrying spare parts.

Practical implications: By controlling the value of key factors regarding aspect of spare parts supply, logistics and maintenance planning. Decision makers can have a visualization guideline to make the adjustment of support strategy, and can achieve better management of equipment and spare parts.

Originality/value: This paper proposes a dynamics model and focuses on exploring the dynamics behavior of the support system that could help in improving the ability of warship equipment to make supply support strategy easily. It can provide visualization guideline for decision maker in the enterprise.


system dynamics, availability, lateral transshipment policy, cannibalization

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