An ANP-based network to measure the impact of Lean production on organisational performance

José Luis Ruano Pérez, Raúl Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Juan-José Alfaro Saiz, María-José Verdecho


Purpose: The main objective of this research is to design a decision-making network, based on the Analytic Network Process (ANP) technique (Saaty, 1996), which will include the main elements to take into account when stating the effect that the application of LP techniques has got on the performance of an organisation, measured this through a Performance Measurement System (PMS).

Design/methodology/approach: The authors have carried out a scientific literature search to state what the main LP techniques are –and how to group them into different clusters- and have then applied the ANP, its first phase, in order to design the decisional network.

Findings: There is a gap in the literature when trying to identify and quantify to what extent the implementation of LP techniques affects to organisational performance. The ANP is an appropriate technique to do so due to the need of gathering and quantifying experts’ opinions.

Originality/value: The designed ANP-based network to measure the impact of LP over organisational performance is a novel approach. This paper justifies its usage and paves the way to implement the rest of the ANP phases in future research work. 


Lean Production, Organisational Performance, Analytic Network Process

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