Research on multi-objective emergency logistics vehicle routing problem under constraint conditions

Miaomiao Du, Hua Yi


Purpose: Aim at choosing a relative good vehicle routing in emergency conditions under constraint conditions when disaster happens. Rapid response and rescue can save a lot of people.

Design/methodology/approach: Modeling analysis: establishing a mathematical model of multi-objective emergency logistics vehicle routing problem. And in end of the paper, we intend to use genetic algorithms to solve the problem.

Findings: Considering time requirement and cost limit both while choosing vehicle routing when the disasters happens is meaningful. We can get a relative good result and give a guidance to rescue teams.

Originality/value: Consider cost and time objectives and kinds of realistic conditions (such as the road congestion) in the model when solving the problem, having expanded the theory scope.


Emergency Logistics; Road Congestion; Unilateralism Time Window; Vehicle Routing Problem; Genetic Algorithms

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