Traffic simulation of Beijing west railway station north area

Xiaochun Lu, Zhanping Liu


Purpose: In recent years the problem of traffic congestion and its management has become increasingly prominent. It is a hot research about how to make full use of computer simulation technology to make transportation more rational and more organized. In this paper, we focus on traffic of Beijing West Railway Station north area, and try to find a way to reduce traffic congestion in this area.

Approach: In this paper, we studied the traffic flow by survey. We also built a traffic simulation model with VISSIM software. Different types of vehicles and their speed are set in model according survey data. The simulation model provides different traffic scenarios of Beijing West Railway Station north area.

Findings: We found the traffic of this area up is to 1800 vehicles/hour. Heavy traffic burden causes traffic congestion in two positions: the bus hub and car drop-off point. If we can extend bus interval departure time and park cars to south square of Beijing West Railway Station, the traffic condition will be improved.

Originality: This paper gives a solution to reduce traffic congestion in Beijing West Railway Station north area. The bus hub and car parking lots are the key point of traffic problem in this area.


traffic simulation, Beijing West Railway Station, VISSIM

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