Research on the application of the internet of things in reverse logistics information management

Yuexia Gu, Qingqi Liu


Objective: Combined the current situation with the development trend of reverse logistics, the article focus on the research of Internet of Things application in the reverse logistics information management, starts with the study of reverse logistics information system, and describes the system structure and system process in applying Internet of Things in reverse logistics information management, finally brings forward the constraints like management and economic ones in applying the technology to the system.

Research methods: By analyzing the current situation of reverse logistics information system, utilizing literature research methods to put forward characters of reverse logistics information system, and expanding the previous studies on Internet information transmission, we gradually establish the reverse logistics management information system on the basis of the application of Internet of Things.

Research Results: Through applying the Internet of Things in the reverse logistics system, we can build a complete close-loop logistics system by linking both extreme ends of positive and negative logistics. Besides, the system will be engaged in data mining in backflow prediction data and re-processing data at regular and irregular intervals. Moreover, advice will be provided to design, purchase, manufacturing and customer service departments for their reference so as to promote respective business.

Research Application and Limits: This paper focuses on how the enterprise should apply the Internet of Things technology in reverse logistics, and how to build this system in detail and what the flow planning is made. This thesis is only limited to the analysis of constraints impeding the development of the reverse logistics MIS, including management constraints, economic constraints, hardware technology, data security and rights management constraints. Detailed solutions to address these problems will be put forward in the further research.


Reverse Logistics , Internet of Things, Information System

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