An integrated approach for solving a MCDM problem, Combination of Entropy Fuzzy and F-PROMETHEE techniques

Amin Shahmardan, Mohammad Hendijani Zadeh


Purpose: The intention of this paper is the presentation of a new integrated approach for solving a multi attribute decision making problem by the use of Entropy Fuzzy and F- PROMETHEE (fuzzy preference ranking method for enrichment evaluation) techniques.

Design/methodology/approach: In these sorts of multi attribute decision making problem, a number of criteria and alternatives are put forward as input data. Ranking of these alternatives according to mentioned criteria is regarded as the outcome of solving these kinds of problems. Initially, weights of criteria are determined by implementation of Entropy Fuzzy method. According to determined weights, F-PROMETHEE method is exerted to rank these alternatives in terms of desirability of DM (decision maker).

Findings: Being in an uncertain environment and vagueness of DM’s judgments, lead us to implement an algorithm which can deal with these constraints properly. This technique namely called Entropy Fuzzy as a weighting method and F-PROMETHEE is performed to fulfill this approach more precisely according to tangible and intangible aspects. The main finding of applied approach is the final ranking of alternatives helping DM to have a more reliable decision.

Originality/Value: The main contribution of this approach is the giving real significance to DM’s attitudes about mentioned criteria in determined alternatives which is not elucidate in former approaches like Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Furthermore, previous methods like Shanon Entropy do not pay attention sufficiently to satisfaction degree of each criterion in proposed alternatives, regarding to DM’s statements. Comprehensive explanations about these procedures have been made in miscellaneous sections of this article.


Entropy Fuzzy, F-PROMETHEE, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Fuzzy Set, Decision maker, Fuzzy environment

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