A container dispatching system for river ports based on distributed intelligent agent

Jingyuan Zeng, Zhenji Zhang, Xiaolan Guan, Ruize Gao



With the expansion of business scope of river ports, it demands higher loading and unloading efficiency. Automation, informatization and intelligentization become the only way to development of river ports. This paper establishes an informatization framework for river ports at first. The key process in river port is container dispatching. Therefore, this paper designs a container dispatching system based on business intelligence. It can be divided into four levels, data source layer, data warehouse layer, data service layer and application layer. The main modules are discussed in detail. At last, through performance comparison and analysis before and after the system implementation in Whampoa, the system is proved to have a lot of real benefits.


Container dispatching system; Port planning; Storage optimization; Business Intelligence

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/jiem.925

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