Mapping challenges in developing sustainable small and medium industries: Integrating Lean and green principles

Uly Amrina, Akhmad Hidayatno, Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel


Purpose: This study explores the complexity of developing a sustainable small and medium industry (SMI) through a conceptual model that integrates lean and green manufacturing principles.

Design/methodology/approach: This model includes a systems diagram that illustrates the structure of the interconnected variable and the interrelationships between goals, inputs, processes, and outputs required to achieve a system’s goals by using both lean and green principles. The diagram uses causal loop diagram logic from systems thinking based on the literature review, multi-actor analysis, observations, and focus group discussions.

Findings: Combining the efficiency benefits from lean principles and better environmental effectiveness from green principles would help to achieve sustainability. A conceptual structural map could support the integration processes by illustrating the variables, multi-actors, and multi-indicators required to achieve sustainability.

Research limitations/implications: The conceptual model highlights the necessary linkage between lean and green practices that would help SMI researchers and decision-makers to navigate their activities in achieving sustainability.

Originality/value: There is currently little discussion at the SMI level from a multi-actor perspective. The systems diagram offers a comprehensive picture that is the basis for further discussion of the complexity of integrating lean and green principles.


Systems thinking, sustainability, lean, green, small and medium industry (SMI), cosmetics SMI

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