Framework development for transforming multistakeholder value into prioritized business processes improvement in Higher Education Institutions (HEI)

Ig. Jaka Mulyana, Moses Laksono Singgih, Sri Gunani Partiwi


Purpose: This article seeks to develope framework of multistakeholder value transformation into an business process improvement plan in Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

Design/methodology/approach: multistakeholder value and its importance weight are obtained through questionnaires and fuzzy method. Transformation of multistakeholder value into priority business process improvement using an expert panel, adopting Quality Function Development (QFD) and House of Risk (HOR).

Findings: This research has developed a framework consisting of two parts: the framework to transform the multistakeholder value into an HEI business process and the framework to determine the priority of improvements. The framework was successfully applied in a private university to find and prioritize business process improvement.

Research limitations/implications: The stakeholders used in this framework are students, lecturers, and employers. The results of this study are the order of priority for improving business processes. The next research opportunity is to develop a business process improvement selection model considering the probability of success, priorities, and costs. Another possibility of research is to involve other stakeholders.

Originality/value: Previous research on the identification of stakeholder value HEI only involved one of the stakeholders. In addition, most of the objectives were to assess the level of importance and satisfaction of stakeholders. This research develops a framework to identify multistakeholder values (students, lecturers, and employers) and transform them into a business process improvement plan consisting of teaching, research and community service, student affairs, and supporting activities.


Framework, multistakeholder value, business process improvement

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