Manufacturing system design based on axiomatic design: Case of assembly line

Triki Hager, Hachicha Wafik, Masmoudi Faouzi


Purpose:  In this paper, a combined Production Line Design (PLD) process which includes many design aspects  is presented, developped and validated.

Design/methodology/approach: The PLD process is based on the SADT (Structured Analysis and Design Technique) diagram and the Axiomatic Design (AD) method.

Practical implications: For a purpose of validation, this proposed process has been applied in a manufacturing company and it has been validated by simulation.

Findings: The results of the validation indicated that the production line designed by this process is outperformed the initial line of the company.

Originality/value: Recently, the problems of production line design (PLD) have attracted  the attention of many researchers. However, only a few studies have treated the PLD which includes all design aspects. In this work, a combined PLD porcess is presented. It should be noted that the proposed process is simple and effective.


production line design, assembly line, axiomatic design, SADT, configuration, performance

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