Conference: ICOVACS 2010

ICOVACS 2010 (International Conference on Value Chain Sustainability) is the third in a conference series that aims to bring researchers in academe, industry and government from various countries together over a three-day period in November to present and discuss the next frontier for product design, branding and logistics as a leadership strategy in a global market. The first ICOVACS conference was held in Izmir, Turkey in 2008 with the theme - "Integrating Design, Logistics and Branding for Sustainable Value Creation." ICOVACS 2009 was held in Louisville, Kentucky with the theme - "Product Design, Branding and Logistics as a Leadership Strategy in a Global Market." This year's conference will be hold in Valencia, Spain with the theme - "Towards a Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies in the 21st Century Global Market."

ICOVACS 2010 will take place in Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Valencia, Spain), November 15-17 and it will be devoted to discuss and examine how the unique triangle of product/service design, logistics, and branding can be integrated and balanced in order to develop sustainable value chains unlocking new sources of Competitiveness in Manufacturing and Service Supply Chains. According to this main theme, ICOVACS 2010 calls for contributions in the following topics:

  • Sustainable Demand & Supply Chain Management
  • Reverse Logistics Network Design
  • Inventory Control in Reverse Supply Chains
  • Green Design: Tools and Models
  • Environmental Management and Green Product Design
  • Concurrent Product and Closed-loop Supply Chain Design
  • Marketing a Market-driven Design of Green Products
  • Product Recovery through Recycling
  • Branding quality deployment
  • Human resources management in sustainable supply chain
  • Competition and innovation in the sustainable supply chain management
  • Inclusive Design & Universal Design
  • Non-governmental organization and social enterprises management
  • Ethics in OR
  • Humanitarian logistics
The conference will feature plenary talks from distinguished individuals in academe, industry, and government.


  • Deadline for Abstract submission: May 16th
  • Announcement of Accepted Abstracts: May 30th
  • Deadline for Full Paper submission: June 20th
  • Announcement of Accepted Papers (no revision): September 5th
  • Announcement of Accepted Papers (pending revision): September 12th
  • Deadline for Revised Paper submission: September 26th
  • Announcement of All Accepted Papers: October 3rd
  • Announcement of Final program: October 10th
  • Conference: November 15-16, 2010