Research on information models for the construction schedule management based on the IFC standard

Weirui Xue, Yaowu Wang, Qingpeng Man


Purpose: The purpose of this article is to study the description and extension of the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standard in construction schedule management, which achieves the information exchange and sharing among the different information systems and stakeholders, and facilitates the collaborative construction in the construction projects.

Design/methodology/approach: The schedule information processing and coordination are difficult in the complex construction project. Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides the platform for exchanging and sharing information among information systems and stakeholders based on the IFC standard.

Through analyzing the schedule plan, implementing, check and control, the information flow in the schedule management is reflected based on the IDEF. According to the IFC4, the information model for the schedule management is established, which not only includes the each aspect of the schedule management, but also includes the cost management, the resource management, the quality management and the risk management.

Findings: The information requirement for the construction schedule management can be summarized into three aspects: the schedule plan information, the implementing information and the check and control information. The three aspects can be described through the existing and extended entities of IFC4, and the information models are established.

Originality/value: The main contribution of the article is to establish the construction schedule management information model, which achieves the information exchange and share in the construction project, and facilitates the development of the application software to meet the requirements of the construction project.


construction schedule management, collaborative construction, BIM, IFC standard, information model

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