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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management is a semestral, open access scientific journal that publishes theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed articles, which contribute to advance the understanding of phenomena related with all aspects of industrial engineering and industrial management. JIEM includes contributions, but not limited to, in the following fields: (1) Production, Logistics, Quality, and Operational Research; (2) Information Systems, Technology and Communication; (3) Industrial Economics and Regional Development; (4) Management, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources; (5) Finance, Accounting and Marketing; and (6) Education, Training and Professional Skills.



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Vol 8, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents


Research on information models for the construction schedule management based on the IFC standard PDF
Weirui Xue, Yaowu Wang, Qingpeng Man 615-635
Simulation of dynamics behaviors for shipping equipment support with system dynamics analysis approach PDF
Yang Song, Jian-hua Yang 636-657
Research on the support model of large equipment emergency spare parts under fuzzy demand PDF
JianHua Yang, Zhichao Ma, Yang Song 658-673
Cellular automata model on AIS-based for variable two-way waterway PDF
Feng Hongxiang, Bao Xiongguan, Zhou Jianghua, Li Song, Fang Qionglin 674-692
Study on e-government services quality: The integration of online and offline services PDF
Jing Fan, Wenting Yang 693-718
Green IT empowerment, social capital, creativity and innovation: A case study of creative city, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia PDF
Muafi Muafi 719-737
Risk leveling in business environments - A novel approach for macro risk management PDF
Shahid Rasheed, ChangFeng Wang, Faiza Yaqub, Suhail Memon 738-762
Effects of environmental factors on corporate strategy and performance of manufacturing industries in Indonesia PDF
Rachmad Hidayat, Sabarudin Akhmad, Mu' alim 763-782
A system dynamics model for simulating the logistics demand dynamics of metropolitans: A case study of Beijing, China PDF
Ying Qiu, Xianliang Shi, Chunhua Shi 783-803
The decision optimization of product development by considering the customer demand saturation PDF
Qing-song Xing, Cheng Pan, Xue-dong Liang 804-822
Post-vehicle-application lithium-ion battery remanufacturing, repurposing and recycling capacity: Modeling and analysis PDF
Charles Robert Standridge, Md Mehedi Hasan 823-839
Using LMDI approach to analyze changes in carbon dioxide emissions of China’s logistics industry PDF
Ying Dai, Jing Zhu, Han Song 840-860
The effect of competition from open source software on the quality of proprietary software in the presence of network externalities PDF
Mingqing Xing 861-876
Influence of management behavior on the skilled labor migrations’ unsafe behavior PDF
Shu Chen, Yue Wang, Yang Yuzhu, Xiazhong Zheng 877-893
Relevance between the degree of industrial competition and fair value information: Study on the listed companies in China PDF
Xuemin Zhuang, Yonggen Luo 894-908
Research on evaluation of enterprise project culture based on Denison model PDF
Yucheng Zeng, Maozhu Jin, Can Guo, Zhiwei Zhang 909-927
Risk identification and evaluation of customer collaboration in product development PDF
Xuefeng Zhang, Yu Yang, Jiafu Su 928-942
The gains and losses of collusion: An empirical research on the market behaviors of China’s power enterprises PDF
Ruize Gao, Zhenji Zhang, Ang Li, Chang Ran 943-962
Manufacturing enterprise’s logistics operational cost simulation and optimization from the perspective of inter-firm network PDF
Chun Fu, Zhenzhen Shuai 963-980
Optimal decisions of countries with carbon tax and carbon tariff PDF
Yumei Hou, Meng Jia, Xin Tian, Fangfang Wei, Kun Wei 981-1001
The method and index of sustainability assessment of infrastructure projects based on system dynamics in China PDF
Jun Zhou, Yingjia Liu 1002-1019
Motivational factors for the adoption of ISO 9001 standards in Eastern Europe: the case of Bulgaria PDF
Svetoslav Georgiev, Emil Georgiev 1020-1050
A distribution-free newsvendor model with balking penalty and random yield PDF
Chongfeng Lan, Huanyong Ji, Jing Li 1051-1068

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