Contribution to the logistic evaluation system in the transportation process in Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Rodobaldo Martínez Vivar, Alexander Sánchez Rodríguez, Reyner Pérez Campdesuñer, Gelmar García Vidal


Purpose: The objective of the present research is to design and apply a methodology to evaluate the logistics system in the transportation process in a base vehicle fleet, which contributes to decrease the costs of distribution and to increase the performance of the logistics system of the organization.

Design/methodology: The proposal of a holistic technology for the management of this process is carried out, which integrates indicators and tools that improve control and decision-making activities in this area.

Findings: The application of the procedure developed in the selected organization contributed to the identification of deficiencies related to the availability of the equipment and the needs of the clients, the low technical availability of the automotive plant, the low utilization of the capacity of the freight vehicles, the absence of a plan of measures to diminish the empty routes of the transport and the overconsumption of fuel due to the accomplishment of extra trips. Aspects that contributed to the redesign of some of the main functions of physical distribution such as itinerary planning, selection of means of transport and analysis of operating indicators, aspects that favored the optimization of the number of trips and, consequently, the adequate use of the equipment and the loads to be transported, observing a saving of 15% in the fuel consumption per load transported.

Originality: The originality of the present research lies in the combination of different theories and techniques that contribute from a holistic approach to the logistics evaluation of the transportation process, facilitating the optimization of transportation requirements, its operation and maintenance.


Logistic system, evaluation methodology, transportation process

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