Determinant factors for the strategic management of the supply chain of the Angolan cement industry

Pedro Campos, Carina Pimentel, José Lopes


Purpose: Cement is a priority consumer good in all modern societies. Considerable portions of the countries’ income are invested in construction and reconstruction of houses, shopping centers, schools, universities, research centers, pavements, bridges, dams, among other infrastructures. In view of its importance, it becomes relevant to understand the determinant factors for the strategic management of the cement supply chain (SC). The knowledge of these factors can support the development of management strategies that adequately orientate the operation of the cement industry and ensure an agile and/or efficient structure that facilitates the distribution of the products from this industrial sector.

Methodology: This article presents the results of a qualitative research, based on semi-systematic literature review and interviews, which aimed to identify the determinant factors and barriers in the management of the SC of the Angolan cement industry (CI).

Findings: This research made it possible to conclude that the determining factors are: cement production capacity and quality; supply levels and channels; infrastructure capacity and quality; capacity and quality of transport modes; existence of cement distribution strategies; collaboration, integration, agility, effectiveness and efficiency in the SC; availability of qualified labor; geographic location of markets; competitiveness factors (price, quality, response time, flexibility, agility, services, reliability, process variability and differentiation). Some barriers that undermine the supply of cement in the Angolan market have also been identified.

Originality/value: Based on the literature review and the analysis of the interviews, we found that, in general, the strategic management of the SC of the CI depends on the level of development of the infrastructures, logistics, communication and the degree of collaboration and integration between the entities.


Cement, supply chain management, strategic management, determinant factors, barriers, Angolan cement industry

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