Circular economy-based product substitution design rationale: A case of personal care product

Sri Hartini, Heru Prastawa, Benny Tjahjono, Bimastyaji Surya Ramadan


Purpose: This study describes an empirical study demonstrating the application of circular economy (CE) to respond to an urgent call to reduce plastic waste by utilizing waste from the furniture industry.

Design/methodology/approach: this study employed the measurements of environmental impacts of plastic and wood-based toothbrushes using a life cycle assessment, complemented by an analysis of the wood substitution design process from a CE perspective.

Findings: The findings from this study not only shed light on quantifying the benefits of product valorization improvement and retention but also provide a means of weighing the value against raw materials and production costs.

Research limitations/implications: The developed model is still limited to the use of waste to replace existing product materials. This study also did not include other industrial waste such as agro-industrial waste or other degradable materials which may open up many chances for further studies.

Practical implications: The study’s primary contribution is a design rationale that assists the substitution of plastic material with wood waste, using toothbrushes as a case example of the substituted products.

Social implications: This newly developed material can give potential income sources for the communities.

Originality/value: The novelty of this study lies to the substitution model of non-degradable materials to a more environmentally-friendly material which is studied thoroughly from functional analysis, design alternatives, and evaluation based on environmental, economic, and social aspects especially in case of personal care products (toothbrush).


Circular economy, life cycle assessment, material substitution, personal care product, sustainable design, wood waste

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